Display Ideas for Quilling Cards

Quilling Card display


Crafting product displays can be a real artform. It takes much thought, consideration, and creativity to do displays right. Considering that people’s perception of their surroundings is 90% based on sight, optimizing your in-store displays is quite important. 

Quilling Card offers a variety of handmade cards and gifts that can be displayed in a variety of ways. This flexibility makes our products a perfect addition to almost any retail store. Just remember, that the ultimate goal of a display is to share the value of our quilled works of art, convert visitors into purchasers, and, ultimately, into Quilling Card fans. 

To help you get started, we put together some easy to implement tips and suggestions that will help you display our cards and gifts and draw in your customers. 

Free Standing Displays

Quilling Card Display

Free standing displays are a great way to get more exposure to the shopper through shear conspicuousness. We offer 360-degree free-standing displays in three different configurations. These include 16-, 48-, and 72-pocket displays. Placing these displays in a high traffic area is sure to bring attention to your new card offerings. The picture above, courtesy of Hopkinton Drug in Hopkinton, MA, shows our 48-pocket display in store with our shadow box frames conveniently placed right across from it at eye level highlighting quilled cards as displayable artwork. 


The placement of  your Quilling Card display within your business is undoubtedly on of the most important ways to draw in your customers attention. 


Consider placing a smaller display, such as our Gift Enclosure & Sticky Note Cover Display, in the checkout area. 

Gift enclosure and sticky note display


Entry ways also make a great area for our displays. The display pictured below, courtesy of Framed in Time located in Framingham, MA, is located at the entry way to the store. Owner John Fournier added quilled journals to balance out his display. To provide additional information for visitors, John also added a "What is Quilling?" sign and information about our Fair Trade practices on the table. 

Quilling Card display.

Display Tables


Quilling Card table top display.

Tables are a great option for displays as they can be easily dressed up and are quite portable. The 16-pocket display is an ideal choice for a table top display. We also offer a variety of shadow box frames which come with easels. By displaying framed Quilling Cards on a table you can really highlight that Quilling Cards are truly works of art that make thoughtful gifts for your customer’s loved ones!

Wall Displays

Quilling Card table top display with frames.

If you have limited floor space, consider leveraging a wall display. Our shadow box frames come with triangle hangers for easy hanging. In addition to being a beautiful gift, a framed Quilling Card is a perfect addition to your customer’s home decor.   

Use Plants and Other Greenery

Quilling Card display with greenery

People love plants. Not only are they essential to life, they add a breath of fresh air, no pun intended, to any display. Use some plants and flowers to spruce up your table top displays. 


Quilling Card cross-merchandising display

Take note of other items in your store that would pair nicely with a particular Quilling Card design. Consider creating a display, whether on table top or on a wall, highlighting the items as a perfect combination gift for your customer’s loved one! Hopkinton Drug paired our 48-pocket display with jewelry which, together, make a beautiful gift for a loved one. 

We hope that these ideas help you create unique displays in your store. We’d love to hear your suggestions and see your Quilling Card displays to share here on our website. Please feel free to email pictures to orders@quillingcard.com