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Art-Size Artist Series - Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean, Cross

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Introducing our exquisite quilled, 15in. x 11in., wall art piece, inspired by Henri Edmond Cross' captivating painting "Two Women By the Shore." Meticulously handcrafted with delicate strips of paper, this artwork captures the mesmerizing beauty and neo-impressionist style of Cross' masterpiece. Created in 1896, this mesmerizing painting showcases Cross' mastery of a technique reminiscent of pointillism while adding his unique twist of vibrant colors and varied application.

"Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean" transports you to a serene coastal scene, where two figures bask in the gentle warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Cross' meticulous use of individual dots, reminiscent of pointillism, creates a mesmerizing interplay of colors and light, bringing the painting to life.

While Cross' technique bears resemblance to pointillism, his bold and expressive use of color sets him apart as a neo-impressionist. By infusing his work with a rich palette and diverse application, Cross adds a dynamic and vibrant energy to his art, pushing the boundaries of impressionism.

The Art-Size Artist Series is packaged in our luxe gift-ready boxes with custom insets and a double-satin gold ribbon to secure your new artwork in place until ready for hanging.

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Size: 15 in. X 11in. X 0.05in.
Frame: Unframed 
Sku: A-AS0002