Framed Art-Size Artist Series - Water Lilies 1916-19, Monet

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Introducing our exquisite quilled wall art inspired by Claude Monet's timeless masterpiece, "Water Lilies." Handcrafted with meticulous care using delicate strips of paper, this artwork beautifully captures Monet's signature impressionist style. 

"Water Lilies" is one of several water landscape themed masterpieces that are a part of a series the founder of Impressionism created during the later period of his career from 1897 to his death in 1926. During this time, Monet focused on painting scenes of his garden, pond, and natural elements within that environment as apposed to his earlier landscapes. 

 The Art-size Artist Series pieces are created with meticulously rolled and shaped strips of paper, skillfully arranged to recreate the iconic brushstrokes of the artists. The careful layering of colors and precise placement of each quilled element ensures a stunning representation of the artist's vision.

Our framed "Water Lilies" wall art is a unique rendition of Monet's classic masterpiece that blends the world of fine art and handmade goods to create a unique eye-catching piece that adds an aura of elegance to any space. 

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Art Size: 15" x 11"
Frame:  18.5" x 15"

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Framed Art-Size Artist Series - Water Lilies 1916-19, Monet
Framed Art-Size Artist Series - Water Lilies 1916-19, MonetFA-AS0016
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